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Andrássy Universität Budapest


Vokskabin is an independent voting aid brought to life by Andrássy Universität Budapest and netPOL. Its main goal is to help future voters by providing information on the stances of political parties on key issues. We’ve created an identity and an online questionnaire for them.

Vokskabin enables users to compare their opinions to the opinions of political parties and make informed decisions at the next election. The team selects a new public issue periodically, creates a new set of questions and gathers the answers from all major political parties. This data is then uploaded to the website and visitors can anonymously answer the same questions political parties were asked. In the end, a chart shows which parties’ opinions are the closest to the visitors’ opinions. It’s also possible to go through the questions again to see the answers from each individual party.

In Pro-Sharp, not only we’ve found a reliable and trusted IT partner, but also a passionate team that supports our project.

Melani Barlai, Project Manager, netPOL

Vokskabin Vokskabin Vokskabin

Creating an independent visual identity

The project is part of an international cooperation between universities and is not affiliated with any political party. When we were discussing ideas with the Vokskabin team, it quickly became apparent that one of their key value is their independence. We kept thinking about a small, tranquil hiding place away from the sea of heated discussions and the heightened emotional state of election campaigns. The team was also keen to create a visual connection between their brand and the voting process. Taking all these into account, we’ve created a very simple mark, a transparent little box with a cross inside. This is also a play on the name, as ‘Voks’ means vote and ‘Kabin’ means booth in Hungarian.

The biggest challenge we’ve faced was how to communicate independence through design. Graphically, politics are all about flags, symbols and colors. Using them in the wrong way can inadvertently cause Vokskabin to appear to be affiliated by a specific party. Instead of choosing a specific color, we decided to use a constantly changing gradient created from the colors of the leading Hungarian political parties. The colors keep cycling infinitely and the logo represents all parties equally. As a fallback for print, we also defined a gray color palette with a limited use of a bright yellow accent.