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GS1 Denmark

GS1Trade Sync

GS1Trade Sync is service of GS1 Denmark that helps exchanging product data between manufacturers and trading partners. The service consists of a GDSN certified data pool and a web application that helps small businesses to join the network without having a GDSN compliant CRM.

Clients of GS1 Denmark can enter their product data into GS1Trade Sync which are then made available to their trading partners. The application includes built-in validations that ensure that the most relevant information is always listed for each product.

GS1Trade Sync

The system contains multiple features to assist users in working with large amounts of data.

Customizable tables

  • Reorder columns by drag & drop
  • Toggle the visibility of columns
  • Filter content by multiple attributes
  • Save/load filter presets

Error monitoring

  • Central hub for all errors
  • Updates instantly if edits are made
  • One-click jump to conflicts

Packaging visualization

  • Displays all items in packaging
  • Highlights errors in other items
  • One-click jump to other items
GS1Trade Sync GS1Trade Sync
Working with Pro-Sharp has provided us with an exceptional user-friendly and customized system, which meets all the specified requirements. This was ensured by close collaboration and a transparent development process in conjunction with agile development.

Jonas Adser, Project Manager, GS1 Denmark

Percentage of users who think GS1Trade Sync is great or satisfying:


compared to the previous system

Based on a survey of the 150 most active users.

Collaboration and communication

We strongly believe that the key for achieving success in large-scale application development projects is communication. We’ve been working collaboratively with both GS1 Denmark and among ourselves throughout the GS1Trade Sync project. Having development meetings twice a week to share progress and get feedback was beneficial for all parties involved.

At the start of the project, we focused on learning about project requirements from stakeholders and the needs of their users. We conducted moderated usability tests in Denmark by using early prototypes with a selection of the most active users. After analysing all the information we’ve gathered, we created detailed user flows for all core features.

GS1Trade Sync

When working on complex projects, instead of thinking in standalone pages, we prefer to think of a system as a single entity with multiple views and states. Instead of designing detailed page layouts, we started small by creating essential design assets: a typographic scale, colors, spaces, form elements and buttons. By using these as building blocks, we gradually created more complex elements and views according to the use cases.

GS1Trade Sync

Creating our own asset library not only made designers and developers work together more efficiently, but also helped to convey reliability, sturdiness and professionalism — important themes for productive and powerful web applications, such as GS1Trade Sync.

GS1Trade Sync
The development team in Pro-Sharp deliver their work with great dedication and a passion for technology whilst always keeping the customers’ requirements in mind.

Jonas Adser, Project Manager, GS1 Denmark